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Founded in 1988, PIBA has been promoting professionalism among the insurance broking industry; from 30 June 1995 and until 22 September 2019, PIBA had been one of the three Self-Regulatory Organizations authorized by the Insurance Authority (IA) pursuant to the Insurance Ordinance (Cap. 41).

With effect from 23 September 2019, the IA takes over the self-regulatory duties from the three former SROs and acts as the sole regulator in the new regulatory regime for insurance intermediaries.

Under the new regime, PIBA will continue to uphold our core values-“To Serve and To Protect” and to promote professionalism in the industry. By providing services and protection, PIBA enables our members to provide qualified services and protection to their clients likewise.

This website aims to provide vital information about the organization, our services and news update relating to the industry-wide issues. We hope you will find our website useful and informative to access up-to-date information concerning the insurance broking field in Hong Kong.

Simon Kwan



To consider all questions connected with the carrying on of the business of insurance broking;


To formulate and prescribe rules and a code of conduct with a view to promote good business practice in the business of insurance broking;


To act as arbitrators in and otherwise to assist in the settlement of disputes and differences arising out of any insurance broking transaction or business.